Churros Original

D.G Churros Original

D.G Churros Original Crisp on the outside, soft and delicate on the inside. Fry in deep oil 2-3 minutes until golden. Based on a South American recipe we improved to create Original chorus flavor
No Eggs 
No Margarine 
Can be filled 
Vegan Friendly No Food Color 
No Preservatives
Dairy Free
From Freezer to Frye
Does not absorb oil or it’s flavors

Mini Crispo 6-8 grams
per piece For dipping

Crispo - 25-30 grams 
per piece For

Jambo 40-45 grams
per piece For dipping

Original 40 grams
per piece can be fille'd
with sauce

D.G Churros Original

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How to use

Deep fry AT 180° C (350 Fahrenheit)
for 2-3 mins until golden
Roll in cinnamon sugar  
And let them sit for a few minutes 
Then eat :)


Water, flour, sugars, oils, salt, love  


FDA Approval
Israeli Ministry of Health approval
Approval of the ultra-Orthodox community


Dana and Gabriel Avivi
CEO and Over sea marketing
Ben Avivi
(Marketing Manager (Israel
Bar Tayar  

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